UK’s conservative government is trying to legally forbid railworkers from striking

As usual, capitalist state needs slave labour

UK’s Conservative party had announced their plans to force railworkers unions to provide minimal amount of services even in periods of all-out strike. If such quotas aren’t met, it will make such strike illegal.

Железная дорога в Великобритании

While conservatives haven’t mentioned minimal level of service they would prefer, they pointed out at “some european countries”, where from one third to one fifth of striking workers must stay on the job during strikes.

«Rail strikes have a real impact on people’s lives,they seriously inconvenience businesses and the public, damage the economy, and force people to use less sustainable means of transport.» Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said.

Union leaders answered, in response accused Conservatives of trating workers like slaves. General secretary of RMT (National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers) Mick Cash told

We are ready to fight any attempt to strip our members of their basic human rights. Ban of right to strike is hallmark of the right wing junta, not a democratically elected British government

RMT members will join 27-days long strike in December, caused by the old issue of guard in trains.
Mick Willan, General secretary of “Aslefa” union of train drivers, which will also participate in strike, claimed:

The right to strike — to withdraw your labour — is a fundamental human right. We are not slaves. Aslefa has rarely called a strike and, when we have, it has always been as a last resort and as a result of management intransigence.
We are not, however, surprised that Boris Johnson and his cronies want to make it even more difficult for hard working men and women to protect their jobs, pay, terms and conditions.

Johnson only acts on behalf of the boss class in Britain

It is clear that description of “boss class” fits for big businessmen, owners of railroads, and government is eager to protect their interests at the expence of working class. Here government acts as a tool In a hands of private monopolies that need more and more unpaid labour in order to increase the profits, which leads to enslavement of working men and women by denying them a natural right to strike. This is another example of impossibility of truly democratic government under hegemony of private property. Nevertheless, if working class people will unite their efforts, becoming a political power they can challenge corporative authority with their own power of workers democracy.