USA prepare to resume nuclear tests

Nuclear war is getting more real

The US Congress approved amendments to the draft defense budget, providing for the allocation of $ 10 million to prepare for the resumption of nuclear tests, TASS reports. The decision was made by the Republican majority in the Senate Committee on Armed Forces. The last underground nuclear explosion was carried out by the United States at the Nevada training ground on September 23, 1992.

Nuclear tests in Nevada
Nuclear tests in Nevada

Earlier, on June 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the new Fundamentals of State Policy in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence, providing for a retaliatory nuclear strike in the following cases:

  • launching a ballistic missile in the direction of the Russian Federation, regardless of the type of warhead mounted on it;
  • the deployment by countries that consider Russia a possible adversary of missile defense, ballistic missiles, hypersonic weapons;
  • potential adversaries building up general forces on the borders of Russia and its allies;
  • creation and placement in space of missile defense systems and strike systems.

Russia and the United States account for more than 90% of nuclear weapons. Although the total number of nuclear weapons in the world from 2019 to 2020 decreased from 13,865 to 13,400, the reduction was mainly due to the dismantling of obsolete warheads. Other nuclear powers in recent years have not been still, either, and also continued to modernize their nuclear capabilities.

The contradictions between the capitalist countries caused by the economic crisis, the constantly growing appetites of military corporations, the struggle for natural and human resources naturally led to another round of the arms race. We already wrote about the signs of the approaching new world war. There is a danger that nuclear weapons will be used. The working people of the whole world will have to make enormous efforts so as not to burn out in the fire of this war. As long as there is capitalism, the threat of total annihilation will hang over humanity.