VCIOM named biggest fears of Russians

The further it gets, then more depressing it is

VCIOM (All-Russian center for studying public opinion) has just published its latest research conducted at the end of October. It was focused on finding out what Russian citizens are most afraid of.

During research, people were asked about how they percieve the possibility of emerging some of typical problems and which of them potentially will strike them harder. It is not the first research of its kind made in our country, and it clearly shows that throughout the years same problems still not adressed by the capitalist government.

Here are three of the most terrifying situations for Russians:

1) Further rise of social injustice and inequality. 68% of respondends named it the biggest issue for our country. Those aged above 60 (71%) are the most concerned with it. Other group, 35-44 also agreed on this (69%) and 45-50 with 72%.

2) 63% fears continuation of dropping wages. Such concern is more common among the compatriots aged 45-79 (71%)

3) Denying medical help free of charge, whether actual or probable terryfies 58% of all participants. This number had risen in 3% from January. Same percent of people also worried about possible rise of prices on FMCG.

Other mentioned fears also include street riots (39%), rise of criminal activity (36%), loss of job (35%), and possible aggravation of international conflicts (20%).

VCIOM noted that two groups – people under 25 and pre-retirement age citizens are the most prone to some specific fears of “apocalyptic” nature. While fears of the latter were somewhat understood by experts, given the precarious situation of existence of this part of society, revealing horrors of the youth somehow surprised them.

“We were really alerted by fears of this group. Their minds are portraying pictures of riots, possibility of a war and crime spree. What caused all this? We need to research this more thoroughly” – concluded expert”.

We, communists, believing that explanation for such concerns is lying on a surface. And they are universally true for all of our compatriots. Every day media headlines are filled with increasing prices and tariffs, declining wages of ordinary workers, and escalation of conflicts all over the world. Everyone of us faces consequences of this on a daily basis, and it will be strange to suggest that it will not affect public perception of reality.

Despite all of this, experts claiming that Russians became slightly less worried about their future than before, yet we think that expecting some kind of positive dynamics in the next few years will be naïve, because these problems were created by introduction of capitalist order, which brought our people to despair. This order, where millions suffer for a luxurious lifestyle of a few. Until we don’t get rid of this socioeconomic order, no small change will bring us confidence in our future.