Victoria Bonya opposed state support for poor citizens

It is business that needs help, not “alcoholics and rogues”

TV presenter Victoria Bonya opposed the amendment to the Constitution that links the minimum wage to a living wage. The state, in her opinion, should support businesses in a difficult situation, and not give out money to “wry-handed alcoholics”.

Victoria Bonya
Victoria Bonya

“First, we raise the minimum wage, distribute money to all alcoholics and beggars, and then weep why things are bad. It would be better if they helped business people who actually do work,» the TV presenter said in her Instagram account, complaining that due to the pandemic, many entrepreneurs put their businesses on hold for two months.

Bonya believes that the state should not care about the size of the salaries of ordinary Russians. At the same time, she emphasizes that many of the businessmen she knows share her opinion that “money should not be handed out to any idlers, alcoholics, drug addicts just because they live in Russia.”

The minimum wage in 2020 amounted to 12,130 rubles, which is as much as 850 rubles more than last year. Now we see that representatives of the ruling class do not consider it necessary to guarantee even these crumbs to people.

“If your work is worth ten thousand, then you should receive ten thousand,” once again proclaims another pro-government propagandist. If it is possible to live on this money, neither the propagandist, nor his predecessors care. Go and earn, is their answer to all the needs of the working people. Those who do not fit into the market will be ranked among the lowest class people without a twinge of conscience. With varying degrees of disrespect, perhaps.

Capitalism promises prosperity only to a small group of robbers parasitizing at the expense of the working majority. While the common people are silent, their robbery will never stop.