Volodin: Protesting against the Amendments means to “go against the People”

If the will of the people is known, why do we need the “voting”?

State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said that all those who disagree with the presidential Amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation go “against the people”. If we blindly believe this statement a logical question arises: why then do we need a “vote” on July 1 if the will of the people is already known? Or is Mr. Volodin just once again reminding the people that the people should be “for” the Amendments?

Vycheslav Volodin
Vycheslav Volodin

Volodin made his statement on the television channel «Russia 24». It is also available on the Duma TV YouTube channel. Literally, the chairman of the State Duma said the following:

“… I sincerely do not understand those who say today: do not vote or go to the polls. Wait, what are you talking about? Think about what you are calling for. What is the meaning of these calls? Do you want the country worse? Do you want standards that enhance the quality of life to be rejected? It is against the people, you cannot make such claims.”

It is a pity that Mr. Volodin did not explain how it was possible to carry out pension reform in 2018, which significantly worsened the well-being of Russians and took away a well-deserved pension from tens of thousands of elderly people. But in the current Constitution of the Russian Federation it is said that in the Russian Federation laws must not be enacted if they abrogate or derogate the rights and freedoms of citizens (Article 55, part 2).

"No matter how you vote, you get ME!"
«No matter how you vote, you get ME!»

Volodin also stated that during the discussion of the Amendments “not a single deputy spoke out against it”, and added the idea of conspiring all dissatisfied inside the country with foreign enemies of the Russian Federation, traditional for Russian government propaganda:

«… When inside the country someonestarts singing along to those who criticize Russia from abroad and try to disrupt the adoption of the Constitutional Amendments for us — this is bad. Because the very obvious amendments that are proposed for voting today strengthen the country and make the system more stable. «

Meanwhile, a thorough analysis of the Amendments clearly illustrates that most of them are openly populist in nature, while a smaller part is aimed at redistributing power within the ruling class and strengthening the dictatorship of big capital.

The July 1 vote itself is legally void. In fact, a mass opinion poll was organized under the guise of “popular will”, the results of which will then be used for propaganda purposes.