Western drug dealers announced big discounts on their “goods” during Black Friday

Market laws working for businesses as well as for criminals

Today started so-called Black Friday, opening season of Christmas sales. Biggest retail companies of USA, Europe and others parts of the globe opening doors for crowds of customers. Ilegal trading platforms in Darknet also decided to declare their own Black Friday, granting big discounts for purchase of drugs, weapons, counterfeit documents. Sometimes, it is hard to draw the line between business and crime.

Illegal markets in Darknet

Tradition of Black Friday came in our country from USA, many people wait for it for the whole year. Early in the morning, crowds of people start gathering to storm opening doors of shopping centers, causing outbreaks of violence for opportunity to buy goods with discount.

Some malls even started to make a show out of this, promising to give bigger discounts for those who enter their doors completely naked. And lots of people were willing to do so…

Such black market initiative was reported by British Sky News media agency.

James Chapelle, co-founder of Digidal Shadows company, specialised in cyber security, stated

«We’ve seen the same strategies that online retailers and physical retailers use, being used in these criminal markets, We see them used either to provide discounts, ‘stack ’em high and sell ’em cheap’ type strategies, and we’ve seen the same with discount codes, introductions, building up excitement before the event, adverts that entice and enthuse.»

In other words, Western illegal enterpreneurs are using the same marketing strategies, as their legal counterparts. It is only a matter of time when their Russian colleagues will take notice. It must not be a surprise for anyone, because it is based on the same market mechanisms and advertisement tricks that proved their efficiency in promotion of goods. But what kind of goods we are taking about matters little from the position of accumulation of profit, especially since laws are prone to change. It was impossible to imagine legalisation of marijuana in USA just 10 years ago at the peak of «war on drugs», but now it is a reality for a growing number of states, and Bernie Sanders proposed to legalise such substance on a federal level. It is all just a question of preparing of public opinion, making it ready to accept change.