“Yellow vests” celebrated anniversary of foundation

And nothing has changed

“Yellow vests” celebrated anniversary of movement’s foundation throughout the France.

“Yellow vests” movement started last year, when french citizens were outraged by government decision to increase fuel prices. During the protests, their demands became more daring, such as increasing salaries, improvement of working conditions and resignation of president Emmanuel Macron.

But there were also bad apples in a barrel. Despite mass participation and scale of protests, authorities weren’t pushed enough to satisfy people’s demands. President of the country clearly stated, that he will continue to realise his antisocial initiatives.

We must admit, that protest in France are good example of people’s struggle for their rights, yet without enforcing organisation and changing strategy in favor of more decisive action, they deemed to failure. Vests already have enough supporters to organise strikes and one fourth of coutry’s industrial facilities, which will be more effective to succumb the government to their demands, than conducting neverending street protests. Without centralisation and continious development, such movements will achieve nothing.