Zimbabwe civil servants went on strike

Capitalist state violently supressing working class in times of crisis

At 6th of November in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, civil servants went on one-day strike. Their rage is justified by skyrocketing inflation, which according to IMF data exceeds 300%. Protesters demanded increasing wages to hedge against inflation effects.

Police brutality in Zimbabwe

77 out of 1680 striking doctors were fired from civil service under the accusaition for not showing up for disciplinary hearings at National Healthcare Councill.

Charles Mubwandarikwa, chairman of Zimbabwe Progressive Teachers Union, organisation that joined the strike in solidarity with fellow colleagues, told:

“We all need to unite in struggle for better wages just in order to exist and continue working”.

Zimbabwean doctors, that continue their already two monts long strike, claiming not only raises, but receiving payment in US dollars, which will protect their savings from inflation. In Monday, nurses of capital’s hospitals also refuse to go to work. They also proclaimed that such low wage is unacceptable.

On Wednesday, protesting servants gathered near Supreme council’s palace. They were waving banners with words of protest against government actions. They planned to march for a Ministry of finance and to deliver a petition for government officials. But heavily armoured police units stood in their way, which lead to clashes between them and protesters.

Such skyrocketed inflation brings two things – from one hand, as protesters rightly admitted, rise of prices, and dropping in buying power of wages from another. Every capitalist will increase price of his goods in order to preserve profits, and avoid to raise his workers salary accordingly, because it will add to his expences, meaning smaller profits. This is how it works for every enterprise – state-run or one hundred percent private. It means that under capitalism, we, working class men and women are in constant danger of immiseration. The actions of authorities are rather predictable. As we know that state is only a tool of suppression of opposite class, in capitalism it belongs to bourgeoisie, and serves their interest against working class. They will do anything in their power to protect the current status quo. Such processes are happening ewerywhere now. The only effective way to fight this lies in workers solidarity throughout the globe.