Zyuganov received another award from Putin’s hands

CPRF is strongly cooperates with ruling party towards the same goal

In 21th of November, Russian president Vladimir Putin gave away awards and medals for distinguished citizens. Among them was leader of CPRF party Gennady Zuganov. He received order “For merit to the Fatherland” IV class. Zuganov was very proud to receive such award and stated, that this award is “our mutual with president” award.

Путин награждает Зюганова
«Thank you for your service»

While leader of “official communists” received the lowest class award, the same day president of Russian union of Manufacturers and enterpreneurs (one of the most influential group of businessmen in the country), Mr Alexander Shokhin and director of pro-government Union of independent trade unions (FNPR) Mr Mikhail Shmakov.

Mr Zuganov not only didn’t refused to receive the award, but took it with clear signs of appreciation. At CPRF official site Zuganov commented on the issue, stating:

When I received this high state award order “For merit to the Fatherland”, I looked back in time to analyse my life. I received a lot of awards, but I consider this one as our mutual achievement, my dear comrades. This is a big responsibility towards fellows and my nation.

It’s not the first time Zuganov received awards from people, with whom he pretends to fight against. In 2014 president Putin granted him order of “Alexander Nevsky”. The same year he received award “Of Honour and Bravery” III class from Russian Orthodox church. He also was awarded with Certificates of Honour from Russian government, the same government he is so harshly critical of. The most bizzare received by leader of “official communists” was medal of participant of military operation in Syria for a man that never stood his feet on a Syrian soil! In October 2019 he stated that “it is of utmost importance for us all to follow president’s decisions”.

In Russian politics, CPRF is working towards the same goal as FNPR in labour relations. This party helps big capital to channel peoples anger created by living in our economic system with unfair redistribution of wealth – in terms of inequality Russia already surpassed India and a number of African and Latin America countries! In 2018, for example, when government passed a highly unpopular decision to raise retiriment ages for both men and women, instead of going in the streets or organising strikes, they launched campaign for referendum for this issue, a campaign that was doomed from the beginning. For creating this atomisation, division of forces of the working class, authorities showering them with money – according to 2018 financial reports, 89% of the party’s budget is formed by state funding, which is a clear illustration of how “official communists” are fed by the hand of “anti-people regime”, as they labeled it.